Toko-Toko is an Indonesian term for the English plural 'Shops'. 

Our aim is to introduce Environmentally friendly, Ethically made & Sustainable brands from Indonesia to our communities in the United States through retail and creative collaborations.  As part of our social responsibility, we create funds to assist with healthcare and education needs of the families of our artisans.



Toko-Toko is a Los Angeles based online and pop-up shop.  Our shop offers  Indonesian brands that are created and based on Sustainable and Fair Trade principles.  Products range from fashion, home goods and accessories.  We currently work with artisans in Jogjakarta and Flores to create our in-house brand Martini and Milk. 


Mission & Vision

Our mission in Toko-Toko is to be the bridge between our Indonesian and U.S. communities in the discussion and trade of ethical and sustainable fashion. 

Our vision is to contribute to both our Indonesian and U.S. communities in the advancement of slow fashion, sustainable and ethical lifestyle through fashion and art.  In our work we support the less fortunate in the communities by setting aside a portion to a healthcare and education fund we created to assist our artisans and their families.


Our Commitment: Healthcare & Education Funds

At Toko-Toko we believe in being responsible citizens of the world.  We created a fund to assist our artisans in healthcare and education for them and their families. In the previous two years, we partnered with Water is Life foundation and had donated new pumps, pipes and assisted in paying water fees of the families that needed help in the region of East Java.

We believe that a healthy community starts from healthy mothers and children.  If mothers are knowledgeable they raise healthy and happy children, they understand nutrition and the need of education for their young ones. We are now focusing our effort to help a group of artisans in Kulon Progo village in Yogyakarta region in Central Java, Indonesia.