We partner with Jakarta based illustration artist, Melissa Sunjaya, the Founder and Residence Artist of Tulisan to fund raise for  AYOM, an animal rescue in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Ayom is currently the home for 150 dogs and 50 cats, rescued from the streets and abandoned homes of Jakarta.  Founded by Melissa Sunjaya and Arie Dagienkz, the two took on the big task and responsibility of the well-being of these animals they took over from Animal Defenders Indonesia.  When we speak of caring for the animals, AYOM doesn't just feed them, they also make sure that each animal receives the medical attention it needs to bring them back to health, ready for adoption.  

Check out their website by clicking on the link provided in the above paragraph.  You can designate your donation to a specific area (food, medical, equipment etc).  When you purchase an item from Toko-Toko fundraising, please let us know if there's a specific area you would like to donate to.  

To host a fundraising for AYOM at your events or homes in Los Angeles, please contact us at .

Photography by Niza Dafney
Location FD Photo Studio, DTLA