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The Happy Magical World of DV Home

Creative force adds colors to the world. It acts as a reminder to us that beauty is not a mere potential.  It is intact and up for grabs in our daily lives.  It transports us to a better place, away from the craziness of the world.

I am stoked to announce that our Toko-Toko launch party on August 22-23 at the Arts District Co-Op in Downtown Los Angeles, will also be the launch of a hand made-limited edition cushion cover line DV Home created by LA based, Indonesian born and raised, photographer-stylist couple Dikka & Vega (www.dikkavega.com). 


I met with Vega for coffee at Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena as she showed me samples of her limited edition-hand made cushion covers that I instantly fell in love with.  Okay, I so loved them I asked Vega to put some aside for me. Hey, these are gorgeous Indonesian fabric of ikat and batik in gorgeous-bright-luscious colors AND they are limited edition! Would you really blame me for keeping aside a couple of these beauties for my home? Ha!

For us home is the happiest place. We wanted to transform our limited space to be as cozy as possible. Filled with the sentiments and knick knacks we’ve found from our trip to Indonesia and flea markets.
— Vega Alfirina Afidick

Dikka and Vega love to entertain friends at their LA home.  Entering their patio, guests feel as if they are being transported to a magical place.  Los Angeles is outside, inside within their space is the world Dikka and Vega had created together.  Vega explained, "To us, the name (DV Home) represents our energy, creativity, serenity, culture, love and art combined into one beautiful nest." 

Cushion Cover

Watching Vega in a crowd is certainly an experience of its own.  Her creative soul is such a strong presence, a woman at the coffee shop literally stopped our conversation and complimented her on her outfit. If you know anything about Vega, she is one generous being making sure the woman is directed to the boutique in San Fransisco where she got her outfit.  Vega is so secure in her world that it radiates to love.

Caressing the cushion covers she brought to show me, she said her passion is home decor.  "Our inspiration is the colors of Indonesia. All the materials for our cushion covers are hand picked from Indonesia.  It is a country rich of cultures. Every island has their own cultural identities, one of them is the art and craft by the traditional craftsmen. Our goal is to work closely with them in creating products, in addition to introducing and promoting their work to the world, also to help them economically."

Looking through their cushion cover collection, I really get a good sense of Dikka & Vega.  A mix of old world and modern, the creative young couple are self proclaimed old souls listening to music from the 60s and 70s. Dikka likes fixing and building his vintage motorcycle and Vega likes home decorating. They both enjoy cruising and exploring Los Angeles. Though they call Los Angeles home, they both continue to crave for their favorite Indo food, Dikka loves batagor (fried meat balls and tofu with peanut sauce) and Vega's favorite is Soto Kudus (traditional Indonesian soup composed of broth, meat and vegetable) with extra quail egg. 

Currently they are working on several projects, Dikka and friends have been doing a documentary travel about traveling across America on a motorcycle (@ayotravel) and Vega has been working on a private tour project focusing on local interests in L.A (@vega_tour)

We see life as an empty canvas that need to be paint with love and colors.
— Dikka & Vega

Vega and I said our good bye and parted ways after more discussion over tags and packaging on the parking lot. I went home inspired by her creative energy.  I cannot wait to share their beautiful line with you at our launch party on August 22-23, 2015. 

Until then, tot ziens!