Summer '17 Swimwear Photoshoot

At the end of Fall, my buddy Jei from Wanderlust Creatives  sent a quick text, "Hey, down for a photo shoot sometime next week?" I didn't even look at my calendar, I just said "Sure, what are we doing?" He said swimwear, we'll be working with Sieva swimwear and the talented Hair & Make Up Artist Beauty by Bonbon.  I was stoked. 

Here's the thing with running your own business.  A lot of time I actually don't get to do anything creative.  When I started Toko-Toko I thought I'd be using my time blogging, styling and doing pop-up talking to people and selling.  I had a partial picture of what it was like being a business owner.  I quickly realized of course that apparently most of my time is spent on contracts, shipping, dealing with bookkeeping and other paper work that are time consuming but must be dealt with.

With all that paperwork, it's hard to get creative.  These days I realize that one thing is a must: I need to make time for creative projects.  And I'm SO glad I did! The photo shoot was incredibly fun.  The models Julia and Kristina were such brave souls, dipping in to the pool in that 64 degrees weather.  Wow! You gals rock! 

I'll post pics of the photoshoot soon.  It was such a great collaboration, I'm pleased with how the results came out.  I'll be posting pictures soon, I hope you guys enjoy them as well.  Some of those pics are up on Toko-Toko's Instagram, feel free to check them out.

Love always,