The Rebuilding of Lombok (wanna come with us next year? let's go!)

We finished our second production of purse and camera straps in Lombok, East Nusa Tenggara (part of the Flores islands) and a month later a series of massive earthquake hit the islands hard. A magnitude of 7.0, this natural disaster killed more than 450 people and left many wounded and homeless. It shocked me, it shocked everybody in the island and everybody who loves this gorgeous island.

Photo: The Jakarta Post by Seto Wardhana

Photo: The Jakarta Post by Seto Wardhana

I am always by nature, hopeful. I continue to believe that we are stronger together and must work as a community to lift up each other. So I texted all of the project managers to see if everyone, the artisans and their families are okay. Thank God, they were all safe. Many of them had to sleep on the streets fearing the aftermath of these earthquakes, but they were all okay. Fast forward to today, everyone is rebuilding, everyone wants to start working again.

Check out the beautiful pieces of straps made out of ikat. They are all handmade, hand weaved and created beautifully using skills passed on for many generations in the island. Whenever we sell a piece of camera or purse strap, a chunk of profit goes to benefits Education and Healthcare funds for the artisans and their families. By supporting us, you are also providing jobs for the communities in Lombok, which is key to the success of rebuilding of this island.


But also, not all Lombok is destroyed, please read the following statement from the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara, Lombok:

“It must be stressed that the majority of the damage is located in North Lombok and that other areas of the island remain largely unaffected.
Tourism areas such as Kuta and the south coast and the southwest of Lombok are unaffected and are operating normally. We welcome tourists to Lombok to keep our people employed and support recovery from this natural disaster.”

Dr. TGH. M. Zainul Majdi – Governor of West Nusa Tenggara, Lombok

So PLEASE, come and visit Lombok again. We are putting together a tour to visit our artisans and their villages soon. You should come!

Photo: Selong Selo Resorts and Residences

Photo: Selong Selo Resorts and Residences

Here in Los Angeles, Toko-Toko continues to do our part to help when we can. We opened our booth at events and connect to collaborate with communities and fellow fashion activists. We will be at Abbot Kinney Festival on Sunday, Sept. 30th, a soon to be announced “Indonesian Night” event in Venice in late October and Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraising in DTLA. On top of that we have creative collaborations to aggressively fundraise to benefit our artisans in Lombok.


Connect with me, with my community. If you’re interested in joining us next year to visit Lombok, Bali and Jogjakarta for a yoga retreat, cooking lessons and to visit our artisans then PLEASE let’s chat! The one sure way we rebuild is by having you come to visit the gorgeous islands, swim in our ocean and spend the nights on our beaches.. you’ll fall in love and we will be extremely grateful.

With so much love like you have no idea,
Lolo Santosa
-The girl who is crazy enough to call Indonesia and the US her homes.. -