Lolo grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, raised in a Javanese home where social issues were tackled on a daily basis.

"People came for help to our house. My parents never turned anyone down. They helped provide medicines for others, or sometimes tuitions or other education needs.  We were a middle class family in Jakarta, lived a simple life, yet our happiness is abundant."  

Inspired by her parents commitment to their communities, by her high school years Lolo started to do volunteer work in Jakarta . "In 1994 before I went to college, I had the opportunity to join a group in Jakarta to cruise the main river in the city, which is Ciliwung. We started from Pasar Rebo area in South Jakarta all the way to 'Kota', the old town of the capital.  The river progressively got dirtier, trash and smell were truly overwhelming. And yet, people lived around this very polluted water. They used it to cook, drink and bath themselves.  From then on I started doing absolutely everything that I can to improve the life of my people in Indonesia.  I taught English to street children in Jakarta and I also volunteered to feed animals in Jakarta's zoo because they were short staffed.  Children, women and animal rights became my main passion until today." 

With Toko-Toko, Lolo wish to provide jobs for the artisans in remote areas of Indonesia and provide an alternative to fashion consumers of items that are Vegan, Sustainable & Fair Trade. In the process, she forms collaborations with designers, brands and other fashion activists. "I continue to believe that we can all do great things for others. It's a journey. The conversations of Ethical Fashion is one that we need to continue to have."