Lolo grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, raised in a Javanese home where social issues were tackled daily at home. "People used to come to our house and asked my parents for help.  My mom gave them medicine or money so they could go to local clinic. My dad often helped families by paying their children school tuitions.  We weren't rich by any means.  We were a middle class family in Jakarta, but my parents always felt the need to help their communities."  

She spent hours during her teens days in Jakarta doing volunteer work. "I taught English to street children, helping them with homework from school. I also helped feed animals in Jakarta's zoo every Friday afternoon."  Upon graduation from Trisakti University she practiced law until she moved to Los Angeles.

An FIDM graduate, Lolo created Toko-Toko to carry brands from Indonesia that are Vegan, Sustainable & Fair Trade.  "I continue to believe that we can all do great things for our communities. It's a journey. The conversations of responsible fashion is one that we need to continue to have."